April 30 lecture: Stories and Jokes Included in the Lectures on Physics

James Lincoln will give a talk about new (previously unknown) stories and jokes RPF gave during the Feynman Lectures on Physics.

April 30, 2016, Caltech, in (where else?!) the Bridge Lecture Hall.



  1. Hi, is there a link where one can register for this, and where more details are available?

    • Sorry, we have no further info – perhaps Caltech or James Lincoln has more info?

  2. Greetings from Brasil.

    I’m doing my graduate thesis and both me and my professor loves Feynman. When I met him to discuss the on going process of my work, we talk about the work it self for about half an hour, and about an hour or so about complete different and non relate subjects – that’s called friendship, btw. And one of our favorite subjects is Feynman, and his passion for life. He, like me, is an avid reader of feynman works and stories. My professor has a bachelor degree in physics, btw.

    From Brazil, Feynman’s favorite country,
    Bruno Caris.

  3. @Bruno Caris–
    O pais mais amado pelo Feynman era o mente! (Com Brasil em segundo lugar…)

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