Tuvans commemorate Feynman’s 101st birthday at Feynman Rock

On May 11 2019 group of about twenty Tuvans from Kyzyl drove out to Feynman Rock, located near the Valley of the Kings in Tuva. Principal among them were the family of the late O.K. Daryma, Feynman’s correspondent during the Cold War, as described in Tuva or Bust!. They brought mementos of Feynman to create a temporary shrine. Daigymaa Daryma, O.K.’s widow, performed a traditional Tuvan spiritual blessing.

A group of people in front of a large rock face
Some of the people who gathered at Feynman Rock in Tuva to commemorate his 101st birthday
Feynman Rock with picture of Feynman
A temporary shrine to Richard Feynman. The commemorative Feynman diagram, carved in 2018 by George Gonzalez and Orlan Sat, is visible at the upper left.
Female shaman in shiny robes
Daigymaa Daryma (widow of Feynman’s Tuvan correspondent O.K.Daryma) blesses the spirit of Richard Feynman at Feynman Rock in Tuva