Richard Feynman Appears In an Italian Restaurant in Osaka

Long-time Friend of Tuva Riki Masahiko has sent these photos to us from Osaka, Japan.  We’re not certain as to what this means… but if you can help identify some of the people in the paintings, please contact us and help us out!



Aaron Spelling holding the “123” sign, Hugh Hefner in the bunny ears.  Is that Jane Fonda in blue? Is that Milton Berle in the back with the glasses, or is it Henry Kissinger?  The bearded man at the back on the right may be actor Charlie Sheen.


Joni Mitchell, kid from the Coppertone advertising, Larry King, E.T., Wolfgang Puck, Steven Spielberg, Lily Tomlin, Rat Fink.  Who is the one shaded in the back?  Is that Alan King?